ROR2 Antibody (CT)

Catalog number: 6701-100
Brand: BioVision
Packing: 100 ul
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Product specifications for - ROR2 Antibody (CT)

Product group: Antibodies
Category: Primary Antibodies
Application: Western blot, Immunohistochemistry
Species: Human
Host: Rabbit
Clonality: Polyclonal
Isotype: IgG
Datasheet: Datasheet
  Research Use Only
UNSPSC: 12352203
Form supplied: Colorless liquid. 100 ul of antibody in PBS with 0.09% (W/V) sodium azide.
Storage instructions: The antibody solution should be gently mixed before use.
Scientific information: 
Scientific info: ROR2 (receptor tyrosine kinase-like orphan receptor 2), also known as neurotrophic tyrosine kinase receptor-related 2 (NTRKR2), is a single pass transmembrane tyrosine-protein kinase receptor. It contains a cytoplasmic tyrosine kinase domain, distally located serine-threonine-rich domains, an extracellular immunoglobulin-like domain, a cysteine-rich domain and a kringle domain. ROR2 is important for skeletal and endocrine development and is required for cartilage and growth plate development. It promotes the differentiation of osteoblasts and plays an important role in the early formation of chondrocytes. ROR2 may play differential roles during the development of the nervous system. ROR2 sequesters and associates with Dlxin-1 affecting the transcriptional function of Msx-2. ROR2 also interacts with canonical Wnt1 and Wnt3, regulating their signaling pathways. Defects in ROR2 can result in the autosomal dominant skeletal disorder, brachydactylic type B1 or the autosomal recessive skeletal disorder, Robinow syndrome.
Swiss prot ID: Q01974