His Tag Antibody Plate (black, 96 wells, nonremovable)

Catalog number: L00440B
Brand: GenScript
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Product specifications for - His Tag Antibody Plate (black, 96 wells, nonremovable)

Product group: Arrays / Slides
Category: Antibody
Datasheet: Datasheet
  Research Use Only
UNSPSC: 12352203
Scientific information: 
Scientific info: His Tag Antibody Plate is a microtiter plate coated with THETM Anti His Tag Antibody. The plate is designed for capturing His tagged protein with His tag located at N-terminus, C-terminus, or internal of the protein. It can be applied for analysis of different length of His tag including Hexa-His (6 His), Penta-His (5-His) and Tetra-His (4-His).The plate demonstrate high sensitivity and high binding capacity. The capacity and sensitivity varies, depending on protein size, structure and solution buffer. Generally, proteins with lower molecular weight (M.W) can be more sensitive to the His antibody plate than ones with higher M.W. Compared with Nickel Coated Plate, the affinity plate can bind target proteins with high specificity, and tolerable with several common used reagents such as EDTA, imidazole and beta-ME. Characteristics: Coated Antibody THETM Anti His Tag Antibody Specificity N-terminal/C-terminal/internal His tag protein 4 X His,5 X His,6 X His tag protein Sensitivity 1 ng/well Capacity 150 300 ng/well Reagents Compatibility Tolerance of certain content of EDTA, Imidazole, beta-ME, et al.
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Synonyms: L00440B; GenScript