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GTX132611 WB Image
GTX132611 WB Image

beta Catenin (phospho Ser675) antibody

Research Use Only
Product group Antibodies
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  • Product Name
    beta Catenin (phospho Ser675) antibody
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  • Certification
    Research Use Only
  • Concentration
    0.64 mg/ml
  • Isotype
  • Scientific Description
    Beta-catenin is an adherens junction protein. Adherens junctions (AJs; also called the zonula adherens) are critical for the establishment and maintenance of epithelial layers, such as those lining organ surfaces. AJs mediate adhesion between cells, communicate a signal that neighboring cells are present, and anchor the actin cytoskeleton. In serving these roles, AJs regulate normal cell growth and behavior. At several stages of embryogenesis, wound healing, and tumor cell metastasis, cells form and leave epithelia. This process, which involves the disruption and reestablishment of epithelial cell-cell contacts, may be regulated by the disassembly and assembly of AJs. AJs may also function in the transmission of the contact inhibition signal, which instructs cells to stop dividing once an epithelial sheet is complete.[supplied by OMIM]
  • Storage Instruction
    2°C to 8°C,-20°C


  • Chaperonin-Containing TCP-1 Promotes Cancer Chemoresistance and Metastasis through the AKT-GSK3beta-beta-Catenin and XIAP-Survivin Pathways. Chang YX et al., 2020 Dec 21, Cancers (Basel)
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