BMS-986165 [1609392-27-9]

Catalog number: HY-117287_200mg
Brand: MedChem Express
Packing: 200 mg
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Product specifications for - BMS-986165 [1609392-27-9]

Product group: Chemicals
Category: Other
Purity: 98.33%
Molecular Formula: C20H19D3N8O3
Molecular weight: 425.46
  Research Use Only
UNSPSC: 12352200
Storage instructions: -20-¦C, -80-¦C
Scientific information: 
Scientific info: BMS-986165 is a highly selective, orally bioavailable allosteric TYK2 inhibitor for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, which selectively binds to TYK2 pseudokinase (JH2) domain (IC50=1.0 nM) and blocks receptor-mediated Tyk2 activation by stabilizing the regulatory JH2 domain. BMS-986165 inhibits IL-12/23 and type I IFN pathways.
Safety information: 
Additional information: 
Synonyms: HY-117287
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