INDIGlo Luciferase Detection Reagent Kit, 10 mL each of 2x-concentrated INDIGlo LDR and Dilution Buffer

Catalog number: LDR-10
Brand: INDIGO Biosciences
Packing: 10 ml
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Expected delivery time: 7 days
INDIGlo LDR performance from both Homogenous and Non-Homogenous assays
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INDIGlo LDR potency is stable following repeated freeze and thaw cycles
INDIGlo LDR was frozen at -20°C and...

Product specifications for - INDIGlo Luciferase Detection Reagent Kit, 10 mL each of 2x-concentrated INDIGlo LDR and Dilution Buffer

Product group: Chemicals
Category: Buffers
UNSPSC: 12352200
Storage instructions: -20C
Scientific information: 
Scientific info: INDIGlo Luciferase Detection Reagent (LDR) is formulated to deliver steady, long-lived luminescence signal from mammalian reporter cells expressing firefly luciferase. For convenience, the reagent is provided ‘ready to use’, without the requirement to first re-constitute powder-form components.

INDIGlo LDR works equally well in quantifying expressed luciferase activity from 96- or 384-well format reporter assays. The resulting light emission is stable over a 2 hr period (Figure 1), thereby making INDIGlo LDR an ideal, economical detection reagent for both low- and high-throughput batch processing of assay plates.

INDIGlo LDR is formulated as a 2x-concentrated reagent, thereby allowing greater versatility in its use. The 2x-concentrated reagent will be used when using 384-well or 1536-well assay plates that are processed using a homogenous assay strategy.

Alternatively, when processing 96-well assay plates either a homogenous or non-homogenous assay strategy may be used. For convenience, this kit provides an optimized Dilution Buffer for use in diluting INDIGlo LDR when performing non-homogenous assays.

Regardless of one’s assay setup preference INDIGlo LDR delivers rapid lysis of the reporter cells, robust luminescence signal, and sensitive quantification of expressed luciferase activities.
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Synonyms: LDR-10; INDIGO Biosciences