Human Ferritin, Heavy Polypeptide (FTH) ELISA Kit

Catalog number: RD-FTH-Hu_96tests
Brand: Reddot Biotech
Packing: 96 tests
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Product specifications for - Human Ferritin, Heavy Polypeptide (FTH) ELISA Kit

Product group: Corona Related Products
Category: ELISA / EIA
Application: ELISA
Species: Human
Target: FTH1
Target description: ferritin heavy chain 1
Assay Sensitivity: 12.9pg/mL
Assay Sample Type: serum, plasma and other biological fluids.
Assay Detection Range: 31.25-2000pg/mL
Datasheet: Datasheet
  Research Use Only
UNSPSC: 41116158
Form supplied: Boxed
Storage instructions: Short: 4-¦C, Long: TMB Substrate, Wash Buffer, Stop solution at 4-¦C, all else at -20-¦C
Scientific information: 
Scientific info: This kit is a sandwich enzyme immunoassay for in vitro quantitative measurement of FTH in Human serum, plasma and other biological fluids.
Gene ID: 2495
Additional information: 
Synonyms: RD-FTH-Hu; FHC; FTH; FTHL6; HFE5; PIG15; PLIF; ferritin heavy chain; apoferritin; cell proliferation-inducing gene 15 protein; ferritin H subunit; ferritin, heavy polypeptide 1; placenta immunoregulatory factor; proliferation-inducing protein 15