Glicentin ELISA

Glicentin ELISA

Research Use Only
Assay Sample TypeSerum or EDTA plasma
Product group Assays
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96 wells
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  • Product Name
    Glicentin ELISA
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  • Assay Detection Range
    3 - 300 pmol/L (24-2400 pg/mL)
  • Assay Sample Type
    Serum or EDTA plasma
  • Assay Sensitivity
    3 pmol/L
  • Assay Specificity
    No crossreactivity to proglucagon derived gut peptides
  • Assay Time
    Incubation (min) : 120 + 15
  • Certification
    Research Use Only
  • Scientific Description
    Mercodia Glicentin ELISA is a high-quality immunoassay for the quantification of human glicentin in serum, plasma and cell culture media. Glicentin is a proglucagon derived gut peptide that is released in the gut in response to feed intake. It is present in high levels in the circulation after stimulation and is often a problem when measuring glucagon and other proglucagon derivates because of it’s shared sequence. The Mercodia Glicentin ELISA however, has no cross-reactivity to such circulating proglucagon derived gut peptides. • Highly specific, sensitive and rapid method for determination of glicentin • No cross-reactivity to circulating proglucagon derived gut peptides • Assay buffers and calibrators have been optimized to prevent degradation and aggregation of glicentin


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