Lactate Assay Kit (Colorimetric)

Research Use Only
Cell Biolabs
Product group Assays
€ 603,00
100 assays
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  • Supplier
    Cell Biolabs
  • Product Name
    Lactate Assay Kit (Colorimetric)
  • Delivery Days Customer
  • Assay Detection Range
  • Category Supplier
  • Certification
    Research Use Only
  • Scientific Description
    Our Lactate Assay Kit measures L-lactate in biological samples. Lactate is first oxidized by lactate oxidase, yielding pyruvate and hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide released from this reaction is specifically detected by either a colorimetric or fluorometric probe in a 1:1 ratio. Lactate levels in unknown samples are determined based on a lactate standard curve.
  • Storage Instruction
    Upon receipt, store the Lactate Standard, Colorimetric Probe, HRP, and Lactate Oxidase at -20ºC. The Colorimetric Probe is light sensitive and must be stored accordingly. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles. Store the 10X Assay Buffer at room temperature.