Pyrethrum Extract (Technical Grade) [8003-34-7]

Catalog number: P991248-5MG
Brand: Toronto Research Chemicals
Packing: 5 mg
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Product specifications for - Pyrethrum Extract (Technical Grade) [8003-34-7]

Product group: Lysates / Extracts
Category: Extracts
CAS No.: 8003-34-7
Molecular Formula: N/A
Molecular weight: 0
Datasheet: Datasheet
  Research Use Only
UNSPSC: 41105330
Form supplied: Clear Pale Yellow Oil
Storage instructions: Amber Vial, Refrigerator, Under inert atmosphere
Scientific information: 
Scientific info: Pyrethrum Extract is used as a component in pesticides and insecticides. Pyrethrum Extract is a sum of a mixture of six various pyrethrine compounds, which are derived from Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium plants.
Additional information: 
Synonyms: P991248; Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids; Biopiren Plus; Chrysanthemates Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids; Diatect; Firmotox; Goldgeist Forte; Nettafid; Parexan; Piresan; Pyganic; Pyganic MUP 20; Pyre-sin Plus; Pyrellin; Pyrethrine; Pyrethrines; Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids, Chrysanthemates; Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids, Esters; Pyrethrins, Chrysanthemates; Pyrethro Vioryl 5SC; Pyrethrum; Pyrethrum (insecticide); Pyrethrum FS; Pyrevert; Pyrocide 50