Streptavidin Resin

Catalog number: L00353
Brand: GenScript
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Product specifications for - Streptavidin Resin

Product group: Molecular Biology
Category: Protein / lipid extraction / purification
Subcategory: Columns / resins
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  Research Use Only
UNSPSC: 41106510
Scientific information: 
Scientific info: GenScript Streptavidin Resin is an affinity chromatography medium designed for easy, one-step purification of biotinylated peptides, antibodies, lectins, etc from samples. The purified recombinant streptavidin is covalently coupling to 4% highly cross-linked agarose. The coupling is optimized to give high binding capacity for biotinylated molecules. The total binding capacity of Streptavidin Resin is more than 120 nmol of D-Biotin/ml settled resin. Streptavidin is a biotin-binding protein found in the culture broth of the bacterium Streptomyces avidinii. Streptavidin binds 4 moles of biotin per mole of protein with an extremely high affinity. Streptavidin lacks carbohydrate side chains present on avidin and has an isoelectric point of 6.5 (vs 10 for avidin) close to where most useful biological interactions occur. As a result, streptavidin frequently exhibits much lower non-specific binding than avidin does.Note: High temperature heating is not recommended. The agarose melts above 65°C.Total Volume:5 ml settled resin (10 ml 50% slurry)Storage:Store at 4°C, do NOT freeze. Key Features:High biotin-binding capacity, more than 120 nmol of D-biotin per ml of column-volume, much higher than that of competitorsRNase, DNase, and protease freeCompetitive price
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Synonyms: L00353; GenScript