OxiSelect Ascorbic Acid Assay Kit (FRASC)

Research Use Only
Cell Biolabs
Product group Assays
€ 744,00
200 assays
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  • Supplier
    Cell Biolabs
  • Product Name
    OxiSelect Ascorbic Acid Assay Kit (FRASC)
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  • Category Supplier
  • Certification
    Research Use Only
  • Scientific Description
    Ascorbic acid is a vital water-soluble antioxidant found in living organisms. Ascorbic acid is critical for a variety of functions related to tissue growth and wound healing, neurotransmitter formation, blood cholesterol levels, as well as free radical neutralization. The OxiSelect Ascorbic Acid Assay Kit is a quantitative assay for measuring ascorbic acid within various samples. The assay is based on the Ferric Reducing/Antioxidant Ascorbic Acid (FRASC) chemistry driven by the electron donating reducing power of antioxidants. The kit employs ascorbate oxidase, which allows the user to differentiate the ascorbic acid content from other antioxidants present within their sample. Ascorbic acid levels in a sample are determined by measuring the difference in optical density between two sample wells, one with and one without the enzyme.
  • Storage Instruction
    Upon receipt, prepare single use aliquots and store the Ascorbate Oxidase at -80ºC. Store the remaining kit components at 4ºC.