Radius 24-Well Cell Migration Assay

Research Use Only
Cell Biolabs
Product group Assays
€ 2.695,00
5 x 24 assays
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  • Supplier
    Cell Biolabs
  • Product Name
    Radius 24-Well Cell Migration Assay
  • Delivery Days Customer
  • Assay Detection Range
    Light Microscopy
  • Category Supplier
  • Certification
    Research Use Only
  • Scientific Description
    The Radius Cell Migration Assay provides a unique alternative to conventional cell migration assays using the Boyden chamber. Unlike Boyden chamber assays which may only be analyzed at endpoint, the Radius assay uses a proprietary cell culture plate containing a carefully-defined biocompatible hydrogel (Radius gel) spot centralized at the bottom of each well. When cells are seeded in the well, they will attach everywhere except on the Radius gel, creating a cell-free zone. Following cell seeding the Radius gel is removed, allowing migratory cells to move across the area and close the gap.
  • Storage Instruction
    Upon receipt, aliquot and store the Radius Gel Removal Solution and DAPI Fluorescence Stain at -20ºC (avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles), and transfer the Fixation Solution to 4ºC. All other kit components should be stored at room temperature until the kit’s expiration date.