Biolaminin 521 LN

Catalog number: LN521-02
Brand: BioLamina
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Product specifications for - Biolaminin 521 LN

Product group: Cell Culture
Category: Proteins
Subcategory: Recombinant protein
Application note: Culture of human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells (hESC and hiPSC), mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) and most anchorage-dependent progenitor cell types. Differentiation and maintenance of specialized cells, such as hepatocytes, cardiomyocytes and neurons.
Datasheet: Datasheet
  Research Use Only
UNSPSC: 12352202
Storage instructions: Repeated freeze/thaw should be avoided
Scientific information: 
Scientific info: Recreating the natural cell niche is key to successful cultivation. The physical, topological, and biochemical expression of the different laminin isoforms in the BM is heterogeneous and tissue specific.

Biolaminin 521 LN (LN521) is the natural laminin for pluripotent stem cells and therefore reliably facilitates self-renewal of human ES and iPS cells in a chemically defined, feeder-free and animal component-free stem cell culture system. LN521 enables efficient single-cell passaging of genetically stable and pluripotent stem cells without need of any apoptosis inhibitors for superior quality of your cells and studies.

After birth, α5-laminins represent the most common laminins in the body and LN521 supports many diverse tissue cell types, such as cells from pancreas, vascular, nervous and muscular systems.
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Additional information: 
Synonyms: Biolaminin 521 LN; Laminin 521; Laminin-11; LN521; Human Recombinant Laminin-521; BioLamina; Bio-Lamina
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